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Obstacles Holding Back Increasing Productivity From Your Management Team

After several years of expansion, your management team seems to have fizzled out and productivity has tapered off. The basics are being completed, but little more. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look objectively at your company and workflow procedures to get a clear picture of the obstacles that may be keeping your management team from even greater productivity; let’s take a look:

Yes, as hard as it may be to admit, you may be one of the biggest obstacles your team is facing. Look at the last few tasks or expectations you’ve given to members of your leadership. Are these activities helping to contribute to completing tasks, or would these be better delegated to employees who are not in leadership positions? Do management team members have the right data and equipment to complete their jobs? Think about the last few requests they have made and your response. A timely, informative answer will help them complete the tasks.

If multiple people across several departments are involved in moving a task along, assess the entire system to see where there may be a bottleneck in the procedure. Whether it is due to timing or tools, any holdup may affect the productivity of the entire chain.

The Right Person in Each Role
If you’ve got the right team member serving in the wrong role, you’ll notice a drop in productivity. Talk to each person about the difficulties they might be facing in their positions and learn more about their personalities. Moving someone to another area of the business may take them from mediocre to rock star.

If there are too many procedures, regulations or steps to complete each task, your management team is going to grow weary and perform poorly. Getting caught up in paperwork and red tape is one of the fastest ways to watch an enthusiastic performer lose focus and productivity momentum.

Inspect What You Expect
If you’re seeing a lack of productivity, it’s a good time to review job descriptions. It can be difficult to remember that as your business grows, so do the responsibilities of your leaders. They may be getting burnt out or be feeling overworked. When that happens, it’s vital that you re-align their positions to reflect your company’s new level of service.

Lack of Clear Goals
Some personality types work best when they only need to think about their part of the puzzle, but most people perform better with a defined result. Communicating your vision will give your company’s leaders the final picture and help them develop a plan to get there.

Get Out of the Way
Once you’ve made sure that you have the right people in the positions and they are doing exactly what needs to be done, trust their experience and abilities and get out of the way. You hired each person to bring a specific skill set to your business. Provide what is needed to do the job and let your employees soar.

Obstacles Holding Back Increasing Productivity From Your Management Team

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